Methods of payment available

In order to facilitate your purchases within the official GIACOMOBURRONI Shop Online, the payment methods we propose are:

  • Bonifico bancario IBAN IT36L0538714102000042120256
  • Code Bic for foreign - BPMOIT22XXX
  • PayPal
  • Credit/debit card
  • Prepaid cards

If you decide to pay by bank transfer, the order will be processed as soon as we receive your copy of the payment made by e-mail at:

Using the order ID as a reason, payments made by bank transfer will be automatically facilitated by a 5% discount. Again, the order will not be shipped until the funds are transferred to our bank account.

The information you provide to us during the payment will be used by the GIACOMOBURRONI Shop only to complete the purchase procedure and comply with the current tax regulations and will not be in any way stored or used for purposes third party.

Costs and timing of dispatching

ITALY 6 € From 24 h to 48 h
EUROPE 25 € From 48 h to 72 h
REST OF THE WORLD 30 € From 5 to 20 working days

*The indicated days do not include holidays.

Any delay in shipment shall be attributable only to to the courier. In any case, the GIACOMOBURRONI Shop , is not responsible for any delays in delivery.

Shipping info

The shipment will be made by courier TNT.

The purchased products will be shipped with the original packaging inside of a protective envelope and will be accompanied by the guarantee.


In case of breakage or damage of the product, we ask you to notify us promptly, so that we can assess the extent of the damage and any repair costs.

To make your shopping experience safe and transparent, we invite you, in any case, to send us by e-mail photos of the damaged object to expose the issue, so as to avoid misunderstandings and/or long waiting times.

We remind you that the products on sale on the GIACOMOBURRONI Shop are handcrafted and this peculiar characteristic of them cannot in any way be reason of substitution.

Every handmade object is unique and from this derives its most intimate value.

If the product is deemed suitable for repair, we will e-mail you the price you can pay as you prefer.

When we have received the payment (or as soon as you have provided us with a copy of the same), the procedure will be the following:

  • You can send the product in the original packaging to our laboratory in Via Fiorentina 219, 52100 Arezzo (AR) - Italy, at your expense;
  • Once at destination, we will repair it as soon as possible;
  • As soon as it is ready, we will inform you, always by email, the repair and the day of the new shipment (at your expense);

As an alternative to repair, you can opt for the following options:

  • replace the damaged product with a new one (in case of particularly invasive repairs);
  • change it to another more in line with your needs. In this second case, you can choose a product price equal or higher than the one previously purchased. Again, you can pay the difference in price as you prefer.


The return can only be made for the following reasons:

  • Goods other than those ordered;
  • Broken or divided objects at the opening of the package;
  • Stones visibly damaged when opening the package;
  • Measures not in line with those specified on the site. In this regard, we kindly ask you to pay close attention to the measures you need because, except in special cases, you will not be able to request the change of the product if the measures you requested are incorrect. At the time of the order you can specify the exact size you need, so, except in special cases, the product cannot be subject to returns if the measures have not been specified or incorrect measures have been indicated;

If the product is deemed suitable for return, we will arrange for its collection by courier (at our expense).