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"To be free ... you need to have roots"

To realize a dream that looks far, it is necessary to have deep roots.

Giacomo Burroni's roots are linked to the Etruscan lands of his city, Arezzo, in the oldest heart of Tuscany, and to the ten-year goldsmith tradition of his family.

Hence the idea of a line of jewelry handcrafted with the ancient techniques of the Etruscan goldsmith tradition, such as filigree and granulation.

These techniques, reworked in a modern key, together with contemporary design and local raw materials, give GIACOMOBURRONI jewels a strong and distinctive identity, aggressive but refined, projecting the brand into the future.

Thus was born, in 2015, for a niche audience, refined and elegant, the jewelry brand GIACOMOBURRONI.

Today, thanks to passion and hard work, GIACOMOBURRONI is a brand known in Italy and abroad for Made in Italy design and workmanship, essential values to ensure the high quality and extraordinary uniqueness of craftsmanship.

Without roots a tree cannot grow; in the same way the past and the history of our people are the legs that support us and allow us to think about the future

 by Giacomo Burroni